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Monday, 19 November 2012

REVOKER, Sacred Mother Tongue @Birmingham Acdemy 3 13/11/12

The last time Rocking The Midlands saw Revoker, it was the first date (I think) on the first UK tour. They were meant to support Holy Grail but somehow got bumped up to headliner. The crowd – which wasn’t massive to begin with – drifted off after HG (who were fantastic) and Revoker were left to play to about 20 people – doing so extremely well.

Fast forward 18 months and they are back, this time as the bonefide headline act. Worryingly, despite their debut album “Revenge For The Ruthless” being a fine affair, there is, yet again, hardly anyone here to watch.

Sacred Mother Tongue seem to find this quite funny, all things considered. Man mountain singer Darrin South exalts an audience member with a tremendous Afro to come forward, for example.

That they can behave in this way betrays the fact they have great confidence right now. Signed to EMI and with a killer new EP “A Light Shines” in the bag, they really have come on leaps and bounds since we last saw them – three years ago at the Hellfire Fest.

Their trump card is guitarist Andy James, who’s intricate playing underpins most of their songs, early songs like “The City Is Crying” benefit from being road tested and new ones like “Bleeding Out” and current single, the massive sounding “Evolve/Become,” are superb. If you saw this band a few years ago and thought they might not make it, then its time to think again, as the tongue could be the name on everyone’s lips in 2013.

The lack of numbers for Revoker is surprising. If this was a US band the press would be all over such catchy songs built around massive choruses and groove metal type riffs. But these boys are not from New York, but the Welsh valleys and sometimes we would rather look out than in it seems.

The likes of “Stay Down” with its “another Saturday night in my home town” refrain, pack a fine punch, as does “The Great Pretender.” Their finest moment, though, surely is “Psychoville” with its giant hook, designed to worm its way into the brain and not leave.

Revoker are set to release album number two next year and debut a song called “Killing House” from it, although from the same ballpark as “Revenge….” It does hit at a slightly heavier – and dare we say it – a more grown up sound.

A cover of AC/DC’s “TNT” is played, before Motorpsycho” ends things. It has been a fine evening, showcasing amply two bands who prove that metals next generation is alive and kicking in the UK. Both bands could probably benefit from the right support tour next year to propel them to the next level in 2013 as both have potential – and the ambition – to sell out much bigger venues than this.

Go and see them next time – when they are both big you will claim you were there anyway!

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