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Thursday, 1 November 2012

EVERY TIME I DIE, Stray From The Path @ Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 30/10/12

Being as they are from Long Island, New York, you could perhaps forgive Stray From The Path for having other things on their mind this week. However, whatever Hurricane Sandy did, singer Drew York is more annoyed with the Wolverhampton crowd.

The five piece are, its fair to say, not having a good night. It doesn’t seem to matter what they do – and York in particular is trying his heart out – they get almost no response from the assembled gathering.

It’s an odd one because you would have thought songs like “Damien” and “Long History” would be lapped up by Every Time I Die’s crowd, but for whatever reason, this is one for the group to forget.

Whatever misgivings the fans had for Stray From The Path, they are long gone by the time ETID hit the stage. A hedonistic mix of metal, punk, great lyrics and stupid song titles, the New Yorkers have been doing this stuff for nearly 15 years. All to infrequent visitors to these shores, their arrival is eagerly anticipated.

The impressively bearded Keith Buckley is a vocalist of some skill and, with the band ringing the changes to the set tonight, he is exercising his pipes with “Apocalypse Now And Then” instead of “Kill The Music” which had started the shows on most of the other gigs this tour.

Its breathless tones are a very clear signal of intent, with the band keen to showcase their brilliant “Ex Lives” record from earlier this year. The magnificently titled “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space” with its chorus of “I want to be dead with my friends” is an instant favourite.

Elsewhere it’s a veritable greatest hits of Every Time I Die, “The Marvelous Slut,” “Wanderlust,” “I Suck (Blood) and a quite stunning “The New Black” are obvious standouts, but really there is no complaints anywhere, before a breathless race to the end, with the trio of “Ebolarama,” “We’rewolf” and “Floater” closes things.

The band are onstage for little over an hour, but such is the energy and class of the songs the length barely matters. There is a slight suspicion that there is not a lot of light and shade in their songs, but if Every Time I Die are a one-trick pony, they are one that would win best in show…urmm…Every time they tried.

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