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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

ATTICA RAGE, Dakesis, Captain Horizon @Roadhouse, Birmingham 12/9/13

Captain Horizon have been around so long that these days they can be described almost as stalwarts of the Midlands music scene. They have achieved this status largely by being rather blinking good. Frontman Witty still appears to be part singer, part force of nature – albeit, for him, he is restrained tonight, only lapsing into his American timbre once. The music, as ever, is all sorts of styles, from rock to prog and just about anything in between, but somehow, all the disparate styles fuse together to make something genuinely exciting, the likes of “Patch,” “Shadows and Vampires” and “My Town” keep people coming back to watch – and their fanbase is pretty strong if the amount of CH t-shirts on show tonight is anything to go by.

From one band who is well known in these parts to another. Things have not been settled in the Dakesis camp since we last saw them, around 10 months ago supporting Absolva. The then frontman Wayne has left the band with keyboard player Gemma taking the vocal duties. It would only be natural if they were nervous at this point – but they need not have worried, as they pulled it off with some panache. The band are clearly enjoying themselves and well they might, because despite everything, they are quite superb. “On Wings Of Steel” and “After The Storm” are huge sounding songs and they finish with “Valhalla” like always. Happily, all is well in the Dakesis camp – we will even forgive them the piped in keyboards, never our favourite thing, but given the circumstances it is perfectly understandable.

It is two years since Attica Rage played these parts. RTM was there and almost literally by the end, we were the only ones in the building, as the local supports all left along with their fans. It must have been a concern to the Scots that this was going to happen again. Whilst much of the crowd have disappeared is a decent smattering of people to watch.

Since that day man mountain bass man “Big C “ has gone and the band have a new album “88 MPH” out. The record contains much of what made the “Road Dog” record that preceded it so enjoyable.

Put simply, Attica Rage are biker metal, with very few pretensions to be anything else. Sort of like the first Almighty album, this is stuff to be played while wearing a greasy denim jacket – and as an owner of one these that has served me well for over 20 years, it is small wonder RTM is a fan of this group. Earlier songs like “Road Dog Forever” “36 Insane” and new track “Close Shave” are excellent songs, while “Long Ride Home” is a stellar new single.

If there is a small criticism of Rage it is that they occasionally do get a little samey, and perhaps they need some more light and shade, but they are enjoyable nonetheless. A snippet of “Iron Man” is aired before the closing romp through “Crazy Horses” ends things in an unexpected way.

Rock needs bands like this, and it needs a local scene. Tonight gave us the best of both worlds. 


  1. Adam from Dakesis here, many thanks for a great review! I would like to say though, myself and the rest of the guys and dolls from Dakesis and Captain Horizon did indeed stay to the end. I've seen Attica Rage a few times over the years and thoroughly enjoyed their set on Thursday, and unless I've imagined it, chatting to them for quite a while afterwards too!

    1. I know all the bands were there, Adam.

      I apologise for the unintended confusion. I have now amended the post.