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Thursday, 28 February 2013

GODSIZED, Eye For An Eye, Shebrew, Severed Ties @Asylum 2, Birmingham 26/2/13

Local band Severed Ties are ones that have caught our eyes recently. Their EP “Amongst Us All” is a rather ambitious, well thought out, proggy metal thing and is well worth hearing. Sadly, as on the previous time we should have seen them, RTM has to work too late to catch their full set, but the bit we did see showed just why we like them. Just get the EP for yourselves.

Second band on the bill are another local band. Shebrew, who are stoner rock to the core. If Karma To Burn had a vocalist they would probably sound like this. Gargantuan riffs with a locked in bass groove behind them, they might not be the most original but blimey, they sound enormous with it. All the more incredible is that the chap playing bass is only standing in tonight. In common with many bands like this – Mastodon and Red Fang – for example, Shebrew let the music do the talking, but they do it very well.

So you’re opening for a band who is starting a world tour. You have drums in the band. You remember to pack the cymbals, right? Well you would think. But Eye For An Eye managed to leave them behind Swindon, and so are grateful to a few mates who being said percussion items up from Wiltshire for them. It’s worth it too as by the time they attack opener “Apocalypse Angel” it is clear that Eye are , ahem, worth looking at.

They are perhaps the most conventional heavy metal band on show tonight, with some of their songs, such as ”Give It All You Got”  having Motorhead influence. Their 40 minutes, which culminates in “My Fire” highlights a band we hope to see more of.

Unbelievably despite being around for years, it seems, RTM has never seen Godsized before, and arguably more astonishingly they are yet to release their debut album. Happily, said opus “Time” is onsale during this tour and the hour they spend onstage is worth the wait.

Big riffs and bigger beards abound as “Phoney Tough and The Crazy Brave” rocks and rolls its way by way of a hello. “Brothers In Arms” from the quite fabulous EP of the same name follows, before early contender for new album highlight “Moving On” with its massive riffs and huge chorus follows.

New single “Heavy Load” is given an airing, before “Last Goodbye” takes honours as song of the night. Frustratingly, for some reason the set is cut short, with singer/guitarist Glen Korner looking aggrieved. The bands apparent anger at this sees “Heavy Head” transformed into an edgy guitar jam, and they do duly bid us farewell.

Even the frustrating ending can’t disguise the fact that Godsized are a bit special and a band with much to look forward to. Hopefully this album and tour can see them kick start their careers and become the band they always had the potential to be.

Whether they do remains to be seen, but tonight was fine start.

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